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My first swim in the waters of Microsoft was as a motion designer for the XBOX team. Here is where I learned about the intent of UI and how it's motion helps the user to mentally map where they are in the system. I also started to understand the benefit of "Delight" and how it pertains to not only the engagement of the user but also the perception of speed in the system. Using specific motion curves and common animation patters, it gave the user a sense that the system was fast and powerful.

This is also where I started to dip my toe into the world of VR. With a small team we did several motion studies and prototypes aimed at developing a visual and motion identity for the XBOX system.

This first collection of motion studies focuses more on the traditional experiences ie console, PC and mobile. This was when Fluent was Neon.



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XBOX VR Studies

For the VR Motion Studies there was a ton to dive into and sort out. For one we had our "brand" of motion curves (usually Expo Out @ 600 ms) that had to implemented into all of the motion. We also had the opportunity to try to understand concepts like Acrylic and Parallax with the world of VR. There was a focus on UR due to the fact that certain actions or visuals could potentially make a person uncomfortable with in the world of VR. We paid close attention to color, hue, glow and materials. The idea of delight was one that we held in high regard.

The following are several studies we did to try to understand these concepts and to explore what the XBOX super powers would look and feel like for VR.



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