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Evoke = Good Science + Windows Photo Team

What's New - First Run Experience Illustrations + Animations

     What's New first run experience. I creating these awesome little animations to help the user understand the new features that we had been working on. With help from Jon Williams and Alex Laurant - we were able to take these little vignettes from Lo-Fi to High-Fi in record time.

     We wanted to stay within the current Windows Design Language and inject quite a bit of delight into the animation by using custom curves to give it plenty of personality. Keeping the front of the animations consistent was a good way to help the user understand what the message was.



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Windows Photos App "Mixed Reality" - Empty State Illustration

     For the new Mixed Reality section of the Windows Photo App we had an opportunity to add a delightful illustration for when the user had not selected any 3D Effects to add to their video. We took the concept of magic and explored a few ideas with different shapes that would align with the current Windows design language and have some personality of its own.

Choose a Star feature

One of the main requests we got for our Tuner feature was the option to choose a "star" for the "Remixed" automated generated movies. We wanted to show this in our Build presentation in June of 2017. Below are several options for designs. My main goal was to try and make this friendly and delightful to the eye, all the mean while making sure the user understood the UI.

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