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     One of my passions is music. My two main genres that I really love are Punk Rock and Heavy Metal (I grew up in the 80s - sugar cereal, Saturday morning cartoons, and MTV).
     While reading the punk news on, I came across an article about a documentary that was trying to get funded via Kickstarter. I come to find out it is a documentary for my FAVORITE punk label out of San Francisco "FAT WRECK CHORDS". Founded by Fat Mike from NOFX, it was one of THE punk labels in the mid to late 90s. It was the soundtrack to my youth.

     I was so excited and jealous. I wanted to be a part of that project, I wanted to contribute my skills to something I held so dear to my heart. So in typical Jeremy Frye fashion, I summoned my inner sales person and called up the director Shaun Colon and asked him if they needed any hep with design or motion graphics. They said yes - a big yes. There was enough of a need where I had the opportunity to make a big impact on the look and feel of the film. From animation style to typography and the overall visual aesthetic. After all the long lights and weekends we finally got the opportunity to screen the film in San Francisco during the 25th anniversary celebration of FAT WRECK CHORDS.

     It is currently for sale and rent on amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Director - Shaun Colon

Art Direction / Motion Design / Visual Design - Jeremy Frye

Main Title Sequence - Styleframes

Main Title Sequence

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